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Horticultural Services was established with a single agenda – to provide world-class horticultural services to the residents and businesses owners of Central Contra Costa. Our horticulture experts and certified master gardeners have a very intimate understanding of the needs of our clients. Our services are extremely environmentally friendly. Have a look at our range of services:

Horticultural Services provides a variety of arboriculture-related services to its clients. All our services are geared towards protection and conservation of trees. Our experts use only the safest and scientifically proven methods. From tree trimming to tree pruning, we handle it all.

Stump Grinding
The leftover stump of a removed tree can stick out on your property like a sore thumb. Stump grinding facilities at Horticultural Services are provided by veteran arboriculture experts. They ensure that the stump is ground down quickly to become virtually invisible to the eye.

Certified arborists for all tree services

Tree Removal
Tree removal is not desirable, but it is sometimes the most prudent course, particularly in cases of infestations or dead bark or for improvement of the view. Let our experts help you get rid of unwanted trees safely and efficiently.

Trees need to be regularly pruned to maintain their attractive look. Get in touch with us to hire our skilled arborists who will trim your trees to perfection.

View Clearing
Clearing the view by felling trees is not always necessary. With our services, you can have a crown reduction instead and thereby improve the view and save the trees as well. To learn more about view clearing, contact us today.

Pest Control
Trees can be susceptible to a host of diseases if left untended. Regular pest management and control services from Horticultural Services will ensure that your trees stay protected and keep growing for many years to come.

Not sure which of our services to employ? Don’t worry. We also offer consultation services so you can have the opinion of professional arborists and make the right decision.

Free Wood Chips

Clean wood chips, good for weed control. Nine to eleven cubic yards. Please contact us for availability.

Contact us today for the best arboriculture & tree trimming services in Central Contra Costa, CA.