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Is it okay to top my trees?
Is this tree dangerous?
Is my tree sick?
Can you save my tree?
Do you have free wood chips?

Q: Is it okay to top my trees?
A: No. Topping trees can be very harmful to them. You should instead consider crown reduction: to restore views and to clear high voltage lines. Restoring views can add beauty and value to your property, and clearing high voltage lines is sometimes necessary for safety reasons. Crown reduction is the preferred method for clearing trees, which is much less harmful to the trees, requires less maintenance over time, and is less hazardous.

Q: Is this tree dangerous?
A: The short answer is usually no. Trees that are very bushy and thick with foliage and dead branches tend to be more hazardous. Trees with structural flaws and rotting roots are dangerous. However, any tree over your home or in a high-use public access area should be evaluated yearly.

Q: Is my tree sick?
A: The short answer, again, is usually no. Like other plants in a landscape, trees have unique needs. By addressing these needs at the appropriate time, most diseases and infestations can be avoided. This is what plant health care is all about. Between 70 and 90 percent of all plant health problems can be resolved through tree pruning and fertilization. Integrated Pest Management is the most environmentally sound and sustainable practice for dealing with the wide variety of challenges we face.

Q: Can you save my tree?
A: Unfortunately, by the time most tree problems are detected by owners or managers, it is usually too late. Dead trees are the most dangerous and should be removed if they pose any threat to life or property. Annual inspection by a certified arborist is the best defense. We can help you save your tree. Contact us if you live in Central Contra Costa or in the surrounding area.

Q: Do you have free wood chips?
A: Yes! We have clean wood chips, good for weed control. Nine to eleven cubic yards. Contact us for availability and to pick up.